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Posted by Duane C. Johnson on July 2, 2008, 4:04 am
Hi Greg;

 > Thanks for the reply, the information helped me out a lot.

 > My Solar Power Generator is very simple. It is one 12V
 > Solar Panel feeding a Deep Cycle 12V marine battery going
 > out to a 400Watt Inverter. I use it to power a fan or my
 > laptop or cell phone charger.

 > I live in a apartment, and I cannot post anything on the
 > roof So I'm in the process of building some kind of swing
 > arm scaffold to stick out my window so I can get the
 > panel more sun.

Take a look at this drsign:
It's small and can support about 11 square feet of panel.
This might fit the bill.

 > This was my first little project, but my real goal is to
 > collect enough solar energy to power a Air Conditioner.
 > The Air Conditioner I have in mind draws 490 Watts using
 > 4.5 Amps. I want enough solar panels to feed a system of
 > 12V batteries connected in parallel (I think, because I
 > will still connect this to a 12V battery which will feed
 > a 1000W.

I doubt you can run an air conditioner from a small setup.

 > So right now I think I should connect the batteries in
 > parallel and the solar panels in parallel. Does that
 > sound right?

 > How would I calculate how many panels and the size of
 > the panels given my power requirements for the Air
 > Conditioner?

You will need a lot of panels to do this.

 > Thanks a lot!
 > Greg


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