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window glazing payback calculation - Page 2

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Posted by Brian Graham on October 4, 2006, 4:50 pm
Of course not! A good wife does what she's told!

What, are you some sort of women's libber or something??


Getting your WIFE to buy curtains???

Doesn't she choose what to buy??


Posted by Mary Fisher on October 4, 2006, 7:07 pm

Certainly  not, far too old.

But I've never known a man who even THOUGHT about curtains never mind got a
wife to buy them :-)


Posted by Solar Flare on October 5, 2006, 12:36 am
 Then there is the old tale about men using curtains to get their wives

Posted by Gary on October 3, 2006, 4:42 pm
 Darrylv wrote:

(http://www.builditsolar.com/Projects/Conservation/PCWindowCvr/OddShape.htm#PCSaving )

I think your calcs are correct, but the values are unusual.

Most people are starting with R1 or R2 -- maybe R3 if they have a newer house
with low e double glazed -- there are R5 windows out there, but not common.
Even new houses in our 8000 deg-day climate don't get R5 windows normally.
As with all insulation upgrades, what you start with usually makes more
difference than what you go to (especially if you are starting with a low R

The 6 cents a kwh is low for most places.

If you do the same calc starting with R2 windows and 10 cents a kwh:
First year saving = $0   (1.5 year payback in your climate)
Ten year saving with 10% fuel inflation = $53
Green House gas reduction per year = 193lb  (with electricity as fuel)

I'm not saying the numbers you used are wrong for your case -- just don't want
to give people the impression that insulating windows does not pay well -- it
usually does :)

You can do these calcs easily using the Insulation Upgrade Calculator:
As well as play around with fuels, efficiencies, R's, etc. -- it also gives you
green house gas emissions depending on the fuel you are using.


"Build It Yourself" Solar Projects

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Posted by Darrylv on October 3, 2006, 5:01 pm


I agree. The windows are represented as R5.28 from the manufacturer and
I paid good money for them so I hope it's in the ballpark. ( i think i
pointed to the window manufacturer in my second post)

We have hydro generated electricity here and it is a 'crown'
corporation so our power is cheap by most measures. I think the actual
rate on my bill is $.0567/kWh i rounded up to $.06.


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