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Posted by Neon John on December 9, 2008, 3:43 pm

Comment a)  Examine my property and point out where you think a pool would
fit.  Before you suggest it, the whole front yard is the septic tank and leach

The property line is about 6 ft to the left of the driveway.

Comment b) after having had a pool, you couldn't pay me enough to have

Comment c) Pools cost real money.  Lots of it.  Far more than I'd ever pay for
a mere water tank.  

I'll find a good scrap tank or carboy sooner or later.  One of those 500
gallon bag-in-frame carboys would be just about perfect and would fit just
right on top of my well house.


John De Armond
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http://www.johndearmond.com  <-- best little blog on the net!
Tellico Plains, Occupied TN
I didn't claw my way to the top of the food chain to eat vegetables!

Posted by z on December 9, 2008, 4:30 pm

I scored several of these from Ocean Spray -- used to store cranberry juice
concentrate.  Food grade plastic interior with a tin exterior frame and a
nice big valve at the bottom you can plumb in very easily -- around 450
gals or something.  They're pretty big, but not so heavy that one person
can't muscle them around.

I'd have a look out for any similar businesses in the area.. they may have
some out back they'd let go.

best of luck


Posted by Neon John on December 10, 2008, 12:40 pm

Thanks.  Yeah, I was relying on finding something like that and then the metal
panic started last year.  They were no longer given away but were sold as
scrap.  The scrap yards cut the cage off with a torch, destroying the poly bag
in the process.

I'm hoping that now that the metal markets have settled down again, they'll
become available.  What you describe is exactly what I want.  It will fit
perfectly on the roof of my well house.  A little insulation and a small
heater will keep it from freezing.

Last fall I had 10 of the darned things located on Craig's list.  Originally
held soybean oil.  Perfect.  Between the time I talked to the guy and the time
I could get there (about 100 miles), someone had told him what the steel was
worth and he refused to give 'em to me like he'd promised.  His asking price
was simply crazy.  Whomever had quoted him a price was really BSing him.  Oh
well.  What's 200 miles in a 14mpg MD truck burning $/gallon diesel in the
big picture? :-)

John De Armond
See my website for my current email address
http://www.johndearmond.com  <-- best little blog on the net!
Tellico Plains, Occupied TN
Vegetarian - Indian word for "poor hunter".

Posted by z on December 10, 2008, 4:40 pm

Yeah the metal price panic really was a pain.  Suddenly all the scrap
yards around here weren't selling parts any more .. no more spare part
vehicles you could go pick over for a rear view mirror or whatnot.  Me
and my buddies had formed the junk preservation society -- suddenly you
couldn't find anything just lying around to use for your various
projects.  The scrappers and the meth heads had hauled it all off !  

Yeah from the looks the ocean spray ones there are enough gaps you could
probably put some foam insulation inbetween the tin and the bag (which
really isn't a bag on these.. its pretty thick plastic which would stand
on its own.

My buddy got a few of those and cut away the tin from the top and sides
leaving a frame and then made a door in one side -- made little green
houses out of them for growing basil and hot peppers.

Well i've got 2 extra ones but I imagine the UPS bill to wherever you
live would probably kill you.

take it easy


Posted by The Natural Philosopher on December 10, 2008, 5:35 pm
 <A very cogent piece about nuclear safety.>

John, thank you for your time.

I've also studied TMI and Chernobyl, and I found nothing in what you
said to disagree with. Bo were worts case accidents where many
procedures and safety systems were intentionally or unintentionally
disabled, both resulted in major fires, and rupture of the containment
vessels. Neither did a tenth of the damage that they were predicted to.

I am assembling some stuff to use elsewhere, and I hope you don't mind
if I use some of that as part of it.

I think there are risks for nuclear power..someone dropping an IUD into
a reactor core might be bad news for example, and the heavy metal wastes
- various uranium and transuranic isotopes- are very nasty long lifetime
things that can get inhaled, but being as they ARE heavy, they don't
travel far.

I think the only way to handle the anti-nuclear hysteria is to combat it
with facts and well founded reasonable arguments.

So I am intensely interested in at least working out where the risks
lie, before countering or assessing them. And then produce a 'executive
summary' of them, plus the benefits, for web publication.

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