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Sustainable Living Conference schedule of presentations

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Posted by Healing Today on March 6, 2012, 5:43 pm
The Sustainable Living Conference at All World Acres, Tampa Bay area,
March 23-25, 2012. Below is tentative schedule. For more info and
registration please visit: http://healingtoday.com/slcats.htm

8:30 Yoga with The Thai Yoga Center
09:30 Awakening The Dreamer -- David Sinclair, Media Center
10:00 Transition To A New Earth -- Peg Campbell & Tom Carroll,
10:45 Nature Walk -- Andy Firk
11:30 Preparing Food Naturally: Cooking, Fermentation -- John Starnes,
12:30 Surviving Food Addiction -- Rita Sewell, Pavilion
1:00 Collaborative Communication for Sustainable Communities --
Mercedes Frace, Media Center
1:30 Gardening with Seed Blocks -- Jim Kovaleski, Pavilion
2:00 Weston A. Price Foundation -- Preston Larus & Cynthia Calisch,
Media Center
2:30 Birdhouse Buyers Club & Announcing Joel Salatin at the Roosevelt
-- Ryan Iacovacci, Pavilion
3:30 7000 Yrs of Carbon Sequestration -- Jungle Jay, Media Center
4:00 Making Recycled Gifts -- Karen Brown, Pavilion
5:00 Time Banks -- Marie Nelson, Media Center
plus: Nature Walk -- Andy Firk
5:30 Eric Stewart -- announcing Tampa Bay Green Living Economy
Documentary & WebSeries, Pavillion
6:00 Dinner Break
7:00 Richard Fiallo, All World Acres
7:30 Shawn Brown, Entertainment
plus: Movie and discussion in the Media Center: (To be announced)

8:30 Yoga with The Thai Yoga Center
plus: Qigong with Bob Abbenzeller
9:30 Sustainable Health -- Dr. Anthony James, Media Center
plus: Exploring Hugelkultur - Building a Hugel Mound -- Jim Kovaleski,
in the Garden
10:30 Gaia's Gardens -- Neil Brown & Tom Carroll, Pavilion
Media Center - Code Green Community, Eric Stewart
plus: Nature Walk -- Andy Firk
11:00 Whinot Garden -- Lynda Mink, Media Center
11:30 Health Initiatives through Diet and Exercise -- Brian White,
12:00 Where does Garbage Go? -- Karen Brown, Pavilion
12:30 Resilient Communities --Tracy Mullins, Media Center
1:00 Ara McLeod -- Food Not Bombs Lakeland, Pavilion
1:30 The Work of Byron Katie, Radical Honesty and Self-Inquiry --
Susanne Gionet, Media Center
2:00 Permaculture and Transitions Towns -- Cristy Abbott, Pavilion
2:30 Practical Soul Fitness, Managing Your Spiritual Resources in a
Changing World -- Mark Schoofs
3:00 Health Initiatives through Diet and Exercise -- Brian White,

All World Acres is a not for profit sanctuary in Plant City, Florida.

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