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cold pressed oil

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Posted by voder on June 22, 2004, 7:02 pm
Maybe my questions were too hard.  I'll try and simplify.  Cold pressed
oils are different than refined bleached and deodorized oils in that
phospholipids and other gums are present and can emulsify with water.
Using an decanter centrifuge can emulsify residual proteins too.  My
fault for assuming this knowledge.

My other option is to try and degum cold pressed oils in batch with
sodium hydroxide at 120C and try and precipitate the hydrophyllic

My questions regard the maximum ratio of the cold pressed oils
containing phospholipids to the refined oils commercially used which do
not contain the phospholipids.  If I use a Mercedes engine in a Volvo
wagon with cold pressed oils, I am thinking that gumming up the
injectors is a concern but maybe I can clean it with petrol.

The tip about running cold pressed corn oil in interesting.  How long?
was it a four litre experiment or did you run drums of the product?
Was it degummed or right out of the press.

Have I found a group of posers unable to answer my questions and you
suggest Google as real experts could be found there?

Posted by Dave Hinz on June 22, 2004, 9:04 pm

Taking an attitude with the group you're asking for help is rarely
a path to success.

The troll known as "no useful info" is neither representative of,
nor does he speak for, the group.

Posted by voder on June 22, 2004, 9:32 pm

Shall I take that to mean that you don't know either?

It wasn't I that started with the attitude, mind you, it was I that
started with a question albeit possibly too brief.

Posted by Dave Hinz on June 23, 2004, 3:03 am
Wow, you just don't get it. <PLONK>.

Posted by voder on June 23, 2004, 3:56 am


While youve been learning you junior high sorority maneuvers, I've been
building an industry.  While you have been playing circle games with
your girly friends, I have become an expert on vegetable oils.  While
you have been dropping snide comments to people youve never met, I have
been getting published in major US medical journals.  I sold $7 000
worth of vegetable oil in the last ten days.  What have you done for
the industry lately?

If anyone actually does know about veg oil combustion industry
development, for real like, please drop me a line at voder@netzero.net.
While I know little about converting cold pressed veg oil to either
bio diesel or burning degummed oils, I do know a great deal about poly
unsaturates and have been working with caustic soda and vegetable oils
for years.  And fear not my junior friend, this barbaric site has
received my last offering.

Where my expertise may be valuable to some, their expertise may in turn
be valuable to me.  See, that is what chat rooms are REALLY about.
Your little games of power and insider charades are funny maybe to the
young, but the rest of the world is actually looking to chat rooms for
academic advancement.  While I work to build an off grid food
manufacturing facility and seek to experiment with my car in the mean
time, you seem more interested in power than advancement.
Need I ask if you are Americans?

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