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Posted by Solar Flare on September 26, 2005, 11:56 pm
This site has interesting information. However it become clear very soon
that their money figures are a complete lie.

They base their costs of conventional heating on 38% inflation to energy,
per annum, and the cost of the system has no factors used at all, making it
look like a big money saver. After borrowing the initial cost money and
running the pumps and maintenance the system is a dead loss.

A lot of fun though.

Try www.heatwithsolar.com for a complete system that has been in use for
over 20 years.  Design and detailed energy information, as well as being
able to purchase one,  is available there.


Posted by aust1648 on September 27, 2005, 7:09 pm
You ask "Where is the commercial activity ? "

I am looking into converting some of my hot water heating needs for a
laundromat to solar. I have received information on a system
manufactored by Sunda Technologies. Anyone have any information on the
company? Also, this would be the first of our mats that we are looking
to convert (natural gas prices are not getting cheaper if you have
noticed)...Any helpful guidelines would be appreciated.


Posted by John W. Hall on September 27, 2005, 7:22 pm

I don't know about Sunda, but while in Kelowna, BC, Canada last year I
noticed that a Best Western Inn there has a large solar DHW system,
from Swiss Solar Tech Ltd.


Cochrane, Alberta, Canada.
"Helping People Prosper in the Information Age"

Posted by Paul on September 27, 2005, 7:23 pm

  I looked up:
It appears that they make evacuated tubes, which should give you
the higher temperature that you may need. I have not done any
business with that company nor have I heard of anyone who has.
That does not mean that they are not a good company to deal with.

   Another company that makes evacuated tube collectors that
has been around a while is:
  Any company that you want to do business with should be
able to give you references for satisfied customers.

Posted by Rob Dekker on September 27, 2005, 10:20 pm

A laundromat.. That is a GREAT application for solar water heating !
Where are you located physically ?

I do not know Sunda. But found that they sell evacuated tube collectors from
China. They sell in the US via Sun Spot Solar
(http://www.sssolar.com/ )
Now, evacuated tube should be more efficient than plat-panel collectors, but
they are also a lot more expensive (per sq ft of
collector area).

Evacuated tube collectors make sense if you need really hot water (for example,
to minimize the hot-water-storage tank size),
and/or install the system in a relatively cold climate. You might want to get a
qoute from some other vendor
with a flat-panel system and see which one best meets your requirements.


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