Porsche Panamera Hybrid – even more fun?

Porsche Panamera SketchWell, this post is here just to register a trend. You would not call driving a 2-seater car with 4.8Liter V6 engine and yet unpublished MPG environmentally friendly driving. However, I see nothing wrong with every car manufacturer’s desire to pair an internal combustion engine with an electric motor for all kinds of different reasons. What are the reasons? Recouping some energy while braking or giving the car an additional kick while accelerating, which seems to be why Porsche is doing it, or both – hybrids are trendy and the more of them we see on the roads the higher the nation’s average MPG is going to be, with the help of the law or the citizen’s buying power.
Little is known about the Hybrid Panamera’s technical characteristics (the car is said to be available in 2010) but it is supposed to be sharing the same hybrid drive technology as the Hybrid Cayenne which should become available in 2009. See the photo here:
Porsche Hybrid Drive Schematic

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  1. Anon Says:

    Looks pretty cool, but if I was looking for a two-seater hybrid vehicle, then I would probably go with an Aptera (www.Aptera.com). It gets 300 mpg, there’s no way this Porsche can top that.

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