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Chevy Volt – bucket loads of deception

Friday, March 9th, 2007

EV1 - snapshot from “Who Killed the Electric Car?” movie
When I first saw news about Chevy Volt, it was in Green Car Journal where the author of the advertorial (Kellen Schefter) had proclaimed that GM is “back in the electric car business”. Never mind strange remarks from the advertorial like “truly wonderful but now infamously defunct GM EV1” (why defunct if truly wonderful?) and “GM admits that it’s still waiting (my emphasis) for technological breakthroughs to produce a large Li-ion battery pack”. I went on GM’s website and watched the car roll on stage and Bob Lutz, GM Vice Chairman give a speech about “electrically powered vehicle by GM”.

Wow, I though to myself, they mean business this time around. Well, not so fast. Read on for some bucket loads of pure fun ahead:


Tesla on ice. Literally

Thursday, March 8th, 2007

Tesla Safety tests in Arvidsjaur, Sweden

No, it does not mean that Tesla Roadster 100 development was put on hold. Quite opposite. It simply means what it says. They brought it to Arvidsjaur, Sweden in a middle of a winter and took it out for a spin (pun intended) .

I came across this video on Darryl Siry’s (VP of Marketing for Tesla Motors) personal car blog and could not resist to re-post it here: (more…)


Tesla Roadster 100 – my dream car had arrived!

Friday, December 1st, 2006

Tesla Roadster 100

Well, not on my driveway, not yet anyways. However, I am excited to watch the development of this car ever since I first saw the ad in Popular Science about half a year ago. It looks great and it packs some pure power (pun intended). Here is what they’ve got: