Toyota to assemble Prius in US

Prototype plug-in Prius
July 10, 2008

Toyota said today that it will start assembling its Prius hybrid car in the US. The assembly will take place at their brand new plant (currently under construction) in Blue Springs, Mississippi, just northwest of Tupelo. The production will start in late 2010. It is our hope that the plant will produce the new generation plug-in Prius (prototype of which is pictured here). Click here for more

Note that Toyota is making adjustments to its production plans following the sharp drop in sales of trucks and SUVs. The Blue Springs plant was originally to build Highlander SUVs. It is yet unknown if they will also assemble the hybrid version of Highlander at the plant.

This will be the first time Prius will be manufactured outside of Japan or China even though the model has been around for more than ten years now.

3 Responses to “Toyota to assemble Prius in US”

  1. no Says:

    looking forward to checking this thing out. great blog btw

  2. question Says:

    i didn’t see any info on ford or saturn hybrids… and i know that Ford has a whole segment on a new plugin hybrid escape.

  3. Sheryl V. Conway Says:

    toyota may have had a high resale resale value but i wouldn’t take one for free right now. My dad had a early 80’s oldsmobile with 400000 miles on it. a delivery car. everyone has a personal anecdote about a good car it means nothing. Toyota is like any other car company ,they are about making money. The reality is right now they have all kinds of problems, its not just bad press its a bad product and they sat on their hands and did nothing about it for a long time. i hope have many years of T otally O verrating Y our O wn T rucks A bility.