Woo-Hoo! I bought a 2007 Toyota Prius today!

That's ma' car

Well, I am pretty excited to say that I have finally bought a 2007 Prius Pkg #2 today (color above, fog lights are missing on #2). It is funny how you most of the time end up NOT with the car you were going into the dealership for. Read on for my impressions about the purchase.

I was going for a 2007 Prius in Touring package as it supposed to have “tuned” suspension. I had a feeling of driving a tin box couple years ago when I first test drove a 2005 Prius and I was hoping that this new suspension had this fixed and the car drives more like a car. As it turned out after I took three of them on the road – one Touring and two standard with different packages – that Touring actually feels much more stiff (the road was OK, few bumps here and there) than standard. And the standard Prius did not have that weird tin box feeling anymore. Drives pretty smooth, probably thanks to the added weight of the battery.

It was mildly funny and pretty embarrassing when I could not start the car when everything was said and done and I was ready to leave. It simply would not turn on (the key outside the key slot as I was instructed before). Turns out the salesman was showing me the two little reset buttons below the steering wheel column (one resets tire pressure warning and the other has to do with the key) and he actually pressed the key button which now required me to insert the key into the slot effectively disabling the smart key system. Well, now I know a little more about my Prius!

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  1. Joe Says:

    Glad you like your prius and I hope you enjoy the domain!
    (I was the previous owner)

  2. info Says:

    Will do. Thanks, Joe.

  3. Rick Says:

    Hey, that’s my car! I bought the Silver 2007 w/ Package #2 on Nov 16. Love it so far. I’m averaging about 48-50 mpg and do mostly highway driving, though I have a stretch where I hit the LA traffic. Hope the car drives well for you!

  4. info Says:

    Thanks, Rick.

    The car drives well although I’m not doing even close to what you are: I am averaging 46 mpg and even below that for the last couple days. Interesting detail: as it gets colder here in Philly the fuel economy goes down as if the heater puts a considerable load on the engine. You’d think there is always heat to spare in an internal combustion engine, but maybe Priuses are different. Anyways, I am planning to take it on a multi-thousand mile trip in late January and will report about my experiences here.

  5. Jim Says:

    We bought our Blue 2007 Prius w/Pkg #2 on November 27th. Wanted the silver but they didn’t have one w/ Pkg #2. I am beginning to like the blue.

    We actually went to the dealer to test drive a Sienna to replace our aging Caravan. The Sienna seemed huge! Then we drove an XB which I really liked. Not bad milage for a straight gas engine. Finally tried the Prius. Loved it! We thought it could work for our family of three, sometimes four. Since we support environmental causes we decided we should “put our money where our mouth is” and buy the Prius.

    I am having great fun with it and usually get between 50 – 60 mpg daily average in mostly city driving. Going through the park as much as possible really helps because there are few stop signs and lights and usually not much traffic. My wife holds the family record with 99.9 mpg for a one mile trip from the cathedral to home (it is all downhill).

    PS: The Tesla is also my dream (fantasy) car.

  6. info Says:

    Thank you for the comment, Jim.

    You are doing just great with 50-60 MPG average. I have gotten mine up to 50 MPG (75% highway 25% local roads) after a few weeks and it does not seem like it’s going to be much better than that.

    Also, I personally think that buying a Prius instead of a minivan makes perfect sense in case you don’t have to haul a large stroller all the time. Even then I think they are collapsible to a rather small size these days. It was actually my first impression that Prius drives like a minivan – very steady and you sit pretty high for a small car like a Prius. The steadiness is of course in part due to increased weight of batteries, but in the end you end up with about three times the fuel economy of a regular minivan so why care that Prius is a bit heavier than other cars of its size?

    Good luck with your car!

  7. carmen Says:

    keep buying foreign! One day maybe they will give you all a job so you can pay for your foreign vehicle…

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