Hybrid X – Toyota’s New Hybrid Concept Car

Toyota Hybrid-X Concept (front)
Toyota unveiled a new concept on the Geneva, Switzerland Auto Show on March 6, 2007. First thing that comes to mind: Does it look like Prius to you or what? I would guess Prius’s 0.26 aerodynamic drag coefficient is hard to beat which is going to dictate the shape of the future fuel saving cars. Let’s see what else is nice about the new hybrid:

As of this writing little is know about the most important things – drivetrain and batteries, and I think there are none at the time as this is not a drivable concept. Nice looking static concept. No spectacular animated first appearance as Chevy Volt – what’s with the lack of PR juice, Toyota?

Anyways, Hybrid X was definitely designed just as an eye candy – observe the lack of windshield wipers – but it does look super nice. Kudos to Toyota designers for picking up on some of the new energy saving trends – LED headlights. I personally can’t wait until I can drive a car with this kind of headlights. LEDs nicely fit into the sleek aerodynamic design as they produce a very concentrated beam of light and so do not need a lot of space for the reflector, just a little glass lens. In fact, all the illumination in the car is based on LEDs, which is a great move indeed.
Toyota Hybrid-X Concept (Back)

Another interesting feature of the car is the separate rear seats that can swivel 12 degrees so the passengers can choose between the scenery and a nice conversation. On the other hand, it will be hard to break the average user’s natural desire to see a solid back row seat for three people as we’ve all been conditioned to see it in a car all our lives.
Toyota Hybrid-X Concept (Side)
I will be watching the development of this concept with great interest and hope it hits the road as soon as possible. Maybe even sooner than Volt (2012) – we shall see.

Read this post at autoblog.com – it has the most detailed press release to date on Hybrid X.

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  1. Toyota Fans' Blog Says:

    Toyota Hybrid X Concept Debut at Geneva Today

    According to the Japanese automaker, the new car is more of a family car than a sedan car alone. With a length of 177 inches, a wheelbase of 110 inches, 56.7 inches tall and 72.8 inches wide, it resembles the size of a family vehicle.

  2. info Says:

    Hey Mark,

    Funny: an hour after your comment was posted I got a catalog of automotive parts in the (snail) mail. One of your (client’s) competitors 🙂

    Anyways, I’ve approved the comment, hope you like my link love 🙂

    If someone is not aware of what we are comparing:

    Prius 2007: 58.7H x 67.9W x 175L
    Hybrid X : 56.7H x 72.8W x 177L

    Same size (within 2 inches), same shape, same class vehicle. Actually, Prius 2009, said to be 2 inch wider than current Prius, is exact size of Hybrid X.

  3. Doris Says:

    I love the car.. i hope to buy it one day

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