Tesla on ice. Literally

Tesla Safety tests in Arvidsjaur, Sweden

No, it does not mean that Tesla Roadster 100 development was put on hold. Quite opposite. It simply means what it says. They brought it to Arvidsjaur, Sweden in a middle of a winter and took it out for a spin (pun intended) .

I came across this video on Darryl Siry’s (VP of Marketing for Tesla Motors) personal car blog and could not resist to re-post it here:

Of course it is a “professional driver on a closed course – DO NOT ATTEMPT” kind of thing. Still, after all the grief we had lately with icy rain and snow here in PA, it would be cool to spin my Prius on an open ice surface like this just to test the boundaries of what it can do on the ice. Well, you know, if it snows again once or twice next year …

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